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The Wallets tab in the User Account or Team Account Settings of a PolySwarm UI Account allows you to manage Wallets belonging to your Account. In a Team Account, a User must have the Team Admin or Wallet Admin role to view and use the Wallets tab. All Users must enable 2-factor authentication (2FA) on their User Account before they can view the Wallets tab content.

Engine Wallets

The section named "Engine Wallets" are the Wallets used by Engines (Microengines and Arbiters). There is a separate row in the table for each Engine owned by an Account.

  • Wallet - The name of the Engine
  • Balance (NCT) - The current NCT balance of the Engine's Wallet
  • Deposit Address - The Address where you can deposit NCT to add to your Engine's Wallet. If your Engine has not been Verified before, this will say "Pending Engine Verification".

In the near future, we will be adding functionality to this page to support making withdrawals.

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