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NectarNet Rewards


The Rewards tab, available in a User Account, is where rewards are viewed and redeemed. Users must enable 2-factor authentication (2FA) to access the Rewards tab content.

Join the NectarNet Rewards Program

STEP 1: Get the NectarNet browser extension

Chrome or Brave

  1. Navigate to PolySwarm NectarNet in the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click Add to Chrome

Screenshot of Chrome store plugin


  1. Navigate to PolySwarm NectarNet in the Firefox Add On store.
  2. Click Add to Firefox

Screenshot of Firefox store plugin

STEP 2: Setup NectarNet Rewards

  1. Go to https://polyswarm.network/
  2. Log in or Sign up
  3. Navigate to Settings -> Rewards

    Screenshot of PolySwarm User dropdown menu Screenshot of User settings Rewards tab
  4. Review and accept the Terms and Privacy Policy
  5. Click the "Join" button.
  6. Navigate to Settings -> API Keys

    Screenshot of User settings API keys tab
  7. Copy your API key to the clipboard.
  8. Open the Extensions dropdown and click the PolySwarm NectarNet extension.

    Screenshot of Google Chrome extensions
  9. Paste the API key into the field.

You’re all set! Reward amounts are updated daily!

Note: Your “community plan” will automatically reset every 30 days, there’s no action you need to take.

Reward Distribution

The following is an overview of how Rewards Distribution works:

We are giving away $1,337 worth of NCT per day. So, each day PolySwarm builds a pot of NCT to give away. Then, we run an algorithm that analyzes two factors:

  1. the data provided by all Users during the previous day
  2. how the data provided by Users relates to threat intelligence that our customers want

Based on those factors, the algorithm determines which Users will get a portion of that days' Rewards. Finally, it distributes the portions of Rewards to those Users' Rewards Wallet.

Current Balance

This is the total amount of NCT in the Rewards Wallet.


Once a User has some NCT in their Rewards Wallet, they can Redeem those tokens. Redeeming is the action to withdraw tokens from your Rewards Wallet and transfer them to your personal ETH/NCT wallet. Before you can Redeem tokens, you must Configure Withdrawals on your Rewards Wallet. Also keep in mind that Redeeming tokens incurs a Transaction Fee, which is displayed when you are doing a redemption.

Rewards Summary

A Rewards program has a collection of categories where Users can earn NCT. The Rewards Summary lists the Categories in which a User has earned NCT and how much NCT a User has earned in each category. By default, the date range is the past 30 days. Users can select a different date range to view the Categories and NCT amounts during specific ranges of time. At the bottom of the page, the Rewards Breakdown tab is a table that shows each Rewards that your account earned during the selected date range.

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