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Discover the latest feature releases, improvements, and updates with PolySwarm in 2023.

November 2023

  • Activity Page in Settings, allows teams to view who has uploaded files to Scan or Sandbox, see here.
  • Scan History allows accounts to see previous Scans of the same Artifact, allowing you to understand how the sample has changed over time.

September 2023

  • Private Communities UI introduction, the UI now supports all Private Community features like Scanning, Sandboxing and Hunting.

July 2023

  • Direct Sandboxing support splits the Sandboxing from the Scan Summary Page, allowing for easy viewing of more metadata and downloading single files. Added ability to Sandbox directly and choose the desired detonation image.

May 2023

  • Further Sandbox Files available to download, provides the ability to download PCAP & JARM Files from Sandboxing Samples directly.

April 2023

  • Private Communities, Introduction of Private Communities functionality in the CLI and API, Private Communities allows accounts to upload files in a private space for scanning verdict and sandboxing, and keep the metadata in the teams repository for future reference.

March 2023

  • Introduction of IOC Search in the UI/CLI and API, This feature provides the ability to search on a hash and review the IP, URL, imphash or MITRE TTP that are related in a single output. Search on a IP, URL, imphash or MITRE TTP to find related hashes. See here for more information. See here.

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