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The Engines page of PolySwarm UI allows you to view the list of engines that have connected to the PolySwarm marketplace and been claimed by a PolySwarm UI User Account. For the users who own an engine, this page allows them to claim it.

All Engines

The All Engines tab provides a listing of all claimed engines. For each engine, it shows the Name and the Tags. The Tags are clickable to filter the content of the page. In the upper right corner, there is a button to edit the Tags filters.


Clicking on the name of an engine in the All Engines list will update the left area of the page to display the engine's details. The engine details view displays the name, description, date it was claimed, participant type, and type(s) of artifacts it can process.

My Engines

The My Engines tab is only available to logged in users. This is where a user can Claim an engine. Once a user has claimed an engine, their engines will be listed on this page and can be edited or deleted. Clicking on an engine's name will display the details in the left area, just like the All Engines page does.


The term “Claiming” is the process by which the owner of a PolySwarm UI User Account proves that they own an Engine. The claiming process allows the owner to provide a name and description for the engine, the type of artifacts the engine can process, as well as select tags that apply to the engine’s expertise, such as file types or architectures.

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