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The Communities page lists all public communities, by default. For logged in users who are members of one or more private communities, those will also be listed.

Public Community

A Public Community is one that everyone can join and participate in. PolySwarm has a default public community that is used by PolySwarm UI and PolySwarm API when a user does not specify the name of a community.

Private Community

A Private Community is an invite-only Community to support specific use cases of our customers (e.g. mutual NDA among participants, GDPR compliance, etc). Only users who have been invited to join a Private Community will see it.

All Communities

The All Communities tab shows the list of communities. For each community it displays the description of the community, a graph of bounties settled during the last week. The Bounties settled number is for the current day.


Clicking on the name of a community in the All Communities tab takes you to the Details page for that community. The Bounties tab has a more descriptive graph for bounties settled. The Experts tab provides a list of experts and their microengines that are operating in that community.