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Log In / Sign Up

Click on the “Log In / Sign up” button in the upper right corner to both Log In and Sign Up. After clicking that button, the authentication window has 2 tabs on the top. Click the “Log In” tab to Log In. Click the “Sign Up” tab to Sign Up for a new User Account.

Some functionality of the PolySwarm UI is available without being logged in, but that functionality is limited. To unlock additional functionality and to have higher usage limits, Sign Up to create a User Account and always Log In.

PolySwarm UI

Sign Up

Click on the Sign Up tab. We provide 3 ways to Sign Up.

  1. Sign Up with GitHub - Use your GitHub account to log into PolySwarm UI.
  2. Sign Up with Google - Use your Google account to log into PolySwarm UI.
  3. Sign Up with email address and password - Use an email address and password to log into PolySwarm UI. When using this method for sign up, you also need to provide your name.

Once you complete the Sign Up, we will send you a verification email. You need to click on the link in that verification email to complete your User Account creation.

Log In

Click the Log In tab. Use the same method to Log In as you used to Sign up,

Context Menu

Once logged in, the upper right corner changes from displaying a “Log In / Sign Up” button to displaying the username with an avatar icon. If a user is a member of one or more Teams, the username will change to the name of the team when the user switches to the context of a Team Account.

Account Context

All actions in the PolySwarm UI operate in the Account Context of the active User Account or Team Account. To enable users to select which account should be used for their actions, users can Switch Accounts to change the active Context between their User Account and one or more Team Accounts. The Context that is currently being used is referred to as the Active Context. The Active Context determines several things:

  • The features available in PolySwarm UI will vary depending on the Subscription Plan associated with the Active Context.
  • All PolySwarm UI usage will subtract from the usage allotment in the Subscription Plan associated with the Active Context.
  • The Account Settings page displays the Settings for the User Account or Team Account associated with the Active Context.

Clicking on the avatar icon will open the Context Menu. In the Context Menu are the following options:


Click the Settings option to go to the Account Settings page for the account associated with the currently Active Context.

Switch Accounts

Switch the currently active Context to that of the user’s User Account or one of the user’s Team Accounts.

Create Team

Create a new Team Account. All users can create teams.

Dark Theme Off/On

Disable or enable the dark theme. It is disabled by default.


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Log out of PolySwarm UI.

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