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Verification in the PolySwarm Marketplace

Engines need to be verified before operating on public communities. This ensures quality results for all Users and reliable active Engines.

Requesting Verification

Engine owners can Request Verification at any time using the PolySwarm UI. There are a few keys to a successful verification:

  • Meet the Webhook Hosting Requirements
  • Keep the Webhook & Engine Online through the verification process
  • Set the Expected Verdict on any Artifact in the Development Results table that you want PolySwarm to evaluate during verification.

Follow instructions in the engines docs to verify your Engine.

After Request

PolySwarm will do the review, possibly submitting bounties into the Development Community for the Engine. Once PolySwarm staff have finished reviewing, you will receive a response about the status.

You may receive feedback about any issues that occurred. If so, please address those issue and request verification again when you are ready.

If the Engine passes the verification process it will be immediately added to the Public Communities and start receiving Bounties.

Next Steps

Congratulations, your Engine is now operating in production. Now it's time to discuss how you can optimize your Engine.

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