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PolySwarm NCT Tokens

In a departure from previous Engine solutions, Engines no longer manage Ethereum Wallets themselves nor do they communicate with the blockchain. This greatly simplifies Engine Development, and lowers the barrier of Entry for those unfamiliar with the Ethereum Blockchain. Essentially, the NCT balance is attached to an Account/Team, and when an Engine on an Account/Team bids or is rewarded NCT the balance changes appear on the account, all managed by the PolySwarm Marketplace.

This makes it easy to view and track balances as the Engine runs.

Before Mainnet

In the time before launching on Mainnet, PolySwarm will distribute testing tokens to your Account when you create an Engine. Users don't need to request or manage tokens, it is all automatic internally to the Marketplace.

After Mainnet

As PolySwarm moves to mainnet, the testing token systems will be purged. Engine owners will need to transfer NCT into their PolySwarm Accounts. PolySwarm will work with every Engine creator to facilitate this process and get everybody on Mainnet smoothly, without interruption.

PolySwarm is adding features to the PolySwarm UI to make the token transfers as painless as possible. Transfers out of the Marketplace, back to user's Wallets, will also be triggered on PolySwarm UI at the Account owner's request.

For Engines owners that wish to participate in the Marketplace, but cannot own or use cryptocurrencies for legal reason, please contact PolySwarm to discuss alternative mechanisms.

Next Steps

With your NCT tokens added to your PolySwarm account, the final step is to request Verification for your Engine.

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