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Developing a Production Ambassador

The eicar.py and filesystem.py Ambassadors discussed in previous sections are proof of concept Ambassadors that do not address many requirements desirable of production ambassadors, including, but not limited to:

  1. a consumer-facing API*
  2. the ability to speak to multiple Communities
  3. a means to track consumer requests for e.g. rate limiting and billing
  4. a scalable infrastructure that adjusts based on demand, ensuring low latency and high throughput
  5. a scalable archive of past queries and results upon which hash search, hunts and other functionality many be built

Swarm Technologies' Ambassador offers a public-facing API that is accessible using the polyswarm-api CLI tool & library.

You should consider supporting the same APIs so your customers can also make use of polyswarm-api to interact with your Ambassador.

Achieving these goals will vary heavily based on chosen architecture. If you're a Swarm Technologies partner, please reach out to us for additional guidance.