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Optimizing Your Engine's Accuracy and Reliability

Operating an Engine on a public community comes with a lot of responsibility. Engines on public communities should be able to respond to the majority of bounties given to it. Bounties are sent only to Engines claiming to support the Bounty's artifact type and attributes. An Engine that cannot reliably respond will be put into the Failed state. Failed Engines do not receive bounties, and must go through the verification process again.

Downtime is often unavoidable, of course, and is acceptable for short infrequent periods. The problem we want to avoid is Engines with frequent outages.

Engines can avoid a lot of pitfalls that might cause them to be marked as failed erroniously. The biggest thing, is that Engines should respond to all bounties sent to them, even if the artifact cannot be scanned. We added unknown as a valid assertion response to account for artifacts that an Engine cannot process or when there is a failure condition during processing.

All Engines should use unknown in the event of recoverable errors, or for any other situation where the artifact cannot be processed, such as running out of time, or an unsupported artifact.

Be aware, Engines that respond to a high percentage of bounties with an unknown assertion will be marked as Failed. It is an indication that the Engine is either not operating correctly or does not have the correct configuration settings in the PolySwarm UI.

Next Steps

With your accuracy and reliability improved, next you will want to improve your bidding strategy.

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