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The Microengines page of PolySwarm UI allows you to view the list of microengines that have connected to the PolySwarm marketplace and been claimed by a PolySwarm UI User Account. For the users who own a microengine, this page allows them to claim it.

All Microengines

The All Microengines tab provides a listing of all claimed microengines. For each microengine, it shows the Name, number of communities where it is a member, the total number of assertions made today, and the NCT profit and current balance.


Clicking on the name of a microengine in the All Microengines list will take you to the details page for that microengine. The microengine details page currently hash a left panel to display the Name, Description, and date it was claimed. And a right panel to display the number of assertions it made for each day during the past week. The Total Assertions is for the current day.

My Microengines

The My Microengines tab is only available to logged in users. This is where a user can Claim a microengine. Once a user has claimed a microengine, this is where their microengines will be listed.


The term “Claiming” is the process by which the owner of a PolySwarm UI User Account proves that they own a Microengine. The claiming process allows the owner to provide a Name and Description for the microengine, as well as select Tags that apply to the microengine’s expertise, such as file types or architectures.


The left frame is where microengine owners can view their microengines’ performance. This includes NCT earnings, profit, assertions, and accuracy ratio. This is the only place that accuracy ratio is made available.